New projects and New Thinking / by Jason DiNola

Being in the advertising program at RIT, it makes me think differently than people in the other programs. So taking a Fine Art core class this quarter is really nice change. The Class being Color Photo Workshop teaches us RA-4 printing in the darkroom. This gives a real insite into digital printing.

But the real change for me is thinking of a project and shooting it in ten weeks time. The only project i have been really working on has been 43.1531˚N, 70.8006˚W, and that has been a work in progress for the past 2 years and i dont see it ending anytime soon. So shooting and printing a project in ten weeks is becoming a real challenge. 

The project, with the working title of "Adapted" deals with objects that over time have lost their purpose of where they were placed. With the idea that everything is where it is for a reason. Though the project is still in the early stages I am beginning to really look forward to the outcome of the series.