The Eastman Project by Jason DiNola

The Eastman Project is a series of architectural images showcasing the buildings of Rochester, influenced by George Eastman, in celebration of Kodak’s return.

The project is a collaboration between RIT Advertising Photography students Evan Bracken, Robert Deitchler, and myself.

We are currently in the middle our project. You can follow our progress on Instagram with  #TheEastmanProject. 

New year, New challenges, New Fears by Jason DiNola

Now starting my senior year of college has made me realize tht I have to step up my work ethic. Looking back I have only really shoot to get the assignment done, not shoot for my portfolio. With the new semester change at RIT allows classes to slow the pace of assignments that helps with thinking through ideas. So lets hope this change is for the better.

Northeast flickr Gathering 2013 by Jason DiNola

Though I am not really apart of the flickr community, Caitlyn was invited to the meet-up hosted in Weare, NH. So it a week of shooting with a group of about 20 people around the seacoast. So far its been interesting and have shot a lot even though my style is completely different from everyone else.

So far with day two, it has been a down day staying in town going to an old house. The next few days will be super busy filled with york beach, possible portland, the Portsmouth and hampton area, then down to boston for another day. 

End of the Year by Jason DiNola

The year is coming to an end and suddenly there is a realization that I have a lot of work ahead of me. Finish shooting and Printing my color project, a few more assignments for Architecture and a final portfolio, and print ready panoramas. Along with a finishing my table for wood. 

For my Panoramic Photography class I have been interested in digital color Infrared. After a few weeks of failed tests to just use filters, I have switched to using a converted camera. The two images i have are just tests.

Both are stitched with horizontal frames. But the final resolution is not great enough to hold up when printed

Both are stitched with horizontal frames. But the final resolution is not great enough to hold up when printed

New projects and New Thinking by Jason DiNola

Being in the advertising program at RIT, it makes me think differently than people in the other programs. So taking a Fine Art core class this quarter is really nice change. The Class being Color Photo Workshop teaches us RA-4 printing in the darkroom. This gives a real insite into digital printing.

But the real change for me is thinking of a project and shooting it in ten weeks time. The only project i have been really working on has been 43.1531˚N, 70.8006˚W, and that has been a work in progress for the past 2 years and i dont see it ending anytime soon. So shooting and printing a project in ten weeks is becoming a real challenge. 

The project, with the working title of "Adapted" deals with objects that over time have lost their purpose of where they were placed. With the idea that everything is where it is for a reason. Though the project is still in the early stages I am beginning to really look forward to the outcome of the series.

End of Break, New Classes by Jason DiNola

This week marks the last quarter of the year and ever for RIT. As we switch to semesters next year. But after the first day of classes I realized that I am taking 3 shooting classes, though it will get stressful it should be a good challenge.

And looking back on my break, I did get some good shooting done but I failed to make a single portrait for my project. this is something think I need to work on my weekend trip home for the 50th Thresher Memorial in April. 

End of Quarter by Jason DiNola

Wednesday marked for me the end of winter quarter. I can finally rest and start to focus on other things and images that I have been neglecting over the past few weeks. 

Over this coming break sound be filled with making towards 43.1531˚N, 70.8006˚W. I have been told to add portraits into it to help build the project. Though it never really occurred to me to add them to it, I think they will add some new stress and excitement.

Welcome by Jason DiNola

Thank you for visiting my website. Right now it is still growing and changing while I get everything how I like. So make sure to check back frequently.